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Continuing Education, Explained

Continuing education units (CEUs) are an important part of your growth as a therapist, and are required by many states to maintain your practice licensure. While continuing education exists in many formats, it can be hard to find the time and resources to keep up with these requirements, especially while running your own practice. In…

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Celebrating Women Leaders in Psychology: Past and Present

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we bring you a (non-exhaustive!) list of incredible women psychologists, therapists, and researchers. These women, through their hard work and dedication, changed the way that clinicians work, boosted the public perception of psychology, and bettered the lives of many. While historically we think of psychology as a male-dominated field, women…

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10 Ways to Bring Culturally Competent Care into Therapy for Minority Clients

Culturally competent care is the practice of intentionally serving the whole client. We often hear the therapy catchphrase, “meet the client where they’re at”; culturally competent care is about understanding where clients are from. It’s almost impossible to leave power, privilege, or identity out of therapy sessions, and recognizing and working within a client’s cultural…

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